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Quality home baked cakes.

I bake and decorate pretty cakes. You can call me a cake decorator/artist. I am mostly self-taught/trained. My experience and inspiration comes from lots and lots and lots of reading, watching and hands on experiments. 

I learned sugar-craft works from renowned sugar crafters in the UK and took some classes in Singapore. The culture of having cakes and teas also has influenced me when I was living in England and travelling around Europe the last time. 

My interest developed when I was involved with a recent charitable fundraising project by baking cakes and muffins. I also bake for family and friends. It grew even more after taking up a cake decorating and sugar craft art. Since then my interest has developed into a passion. I love baking and creating sugar flowers and also cake painting. Sometimes I teach (depending on what student(s) want to learn) when available.

SimplyScrumptious is a mini home bakery operating in a humble kitchen in Johor Bahru. I believe a cake has to taste as good as it looks. I cater quality home-baked products for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christening, companies, etc. I believe in using the finest ingredients available and of course I only use FREE RANGE EGGS. 

Due to my bespoke cakes, prices varies on design and flavour of cake and frosting. If you have a budget or special dietary needs, come and talk to me. I'll see what I can offer and be glad to sort something for you.

For more information, pricing and how to order, please contact me via phone or email.

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