Just a simple Cake by Mommy Sue AE

It's not just about sweetness....

I started baking and decorating Cakes and cupcakes last May 2012, after a year I can say that I have improved a lot in terms of decorating a cake. I have created cakes that is above expectation of my Clients and even invited in some projects together with other cake decorators here in UAE. Thank's to the people who share their knowledge through the net, actual mentoring and cake friends!

I am planning to attend Cake Decorating classes and workshops to enhance my Skill and to be able to create more outstanding and unique cakes. My one year is not enough to say I'm on top of my career....I'm still working as Account's personnel in full time and Cake Decorating was still another story. I am hoping I can have my own shop to make more cake and to share my knowledge by giving classes to others.

I would like to invite you to visit and browse my cake creation at my fb page;

And if you have any tips or advise to share, please...I will appreciate it a lot!

Thank you!

Mommy Sue

Just a simple Cake by Mommy Sue
United Arab Emirates