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Hello Friends!!       

My name is lyly I am Professional Chef for 10 year and 2 year like cake decorator and bake cake for any events. I will work with you to create a beautiful cake around your favorite toys or original designed toppers and themes we create for your special events and we have toppers already, pictures and designs. we have class or tutorials soon. we are happy because this dream was of my mom, she love to cook and bake :). So I am here for her. thank you mom.

Each cake is uniquely designed, so pricing is adjusted accordingly. Our price of $5.00 per slice . For testing, I charge $5.00 per sample cake.

Deposits & Delivery
A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order and date. The balance will be due 5 days prior to the event date. Lyly's Cake Boutique will deliver and setup wedding cakes anywhere in Anchorage, Ft. Richardson, Elemendorf, Upper Hillside,  etc. will be charged a minimum of $25.00, or $1.25 per mile.

*Deposit is non refundable

Custom Mini Cakes

This is perfect for any event. just the Imagination is a magic*

6″ cakes ( 10-15 servings) depend of designs

Character Buttercream Cakes : $55
Character Ganache Cakes : $70

8″ cakes  (15-25 servings) depend of designs

Buttercream Cakes : $90
Ganache Cakes : $125

3D Mini Cakes Start at $55 each
the size  is varies depends on design!. $50 for simple 3D sculptures. if is more  realistic and complicated renderings  they may be an additional charge. example a pumpkin, flower, heart, and etc.



dream delight (2.50) per dozen

drean delight cupcakes are topped with a beautiful delicious swirl of buttercream.

perfect cupcake  (2.75)

perfect cupcake are gourmet delicious cupcake with the same flavor in the frosting and come the top garnish.

(if the cupcake is of banana flavor these come with banana buttercream and banana garnish.)

Elena Cupcake (3.00)

this cupcake are gourmet with delicious buttercream or other flavor and beautiful topped with a custom sugar or modeling chocolate topper to match the theme of your special  event. for these cupcake you can select the filling flavor.

Fondant/ modeling Chocolate and 3D Character cupcake

These cupcakes come topped with  buttercream and  covered in sugar paste, topped with a  fondant sugar pase or chocolate topper to match the theme of your special event.

3D character cupcake these match the theme of your special event

fondant or modeling chocolate  (3.80)

3D character cupcake  (7.00)

Cupcake Tower

this Tower is a mini cake top for 10- 15 and 24 cupcake start 250.

3D Top Tier Cakes (15-20 servings) + 24 cupcakes: start at $300

Cupcake Gift Boxes

custom for the cupcake sugar paste domes  or butter cream:

Box  of 6  :   $35
Box of 12 :   $55
Box of 24 :   $105

The toppers


2D: logos,simple designs                        3.50                            

3D  not character                                   4.00

3D flowers                                             4.00

3D sculptures                                     100.00


plain only color:                  2.75

sprinkles , shaved chocolate,shredded coconut, crunchy coconut, etc.

color and simple decor       3.00

flowers,pearls,sport,wedding,ice cream cone, multicolor, and more

gourmet decor                   4.00

sculpted cake pops.

Cookies start

Box 12: $45.00

Box 24: $95.00

Box 50: $200.00

for any question, contact me at please leave your name, phone number, date of event and what day we can meeting?,thanks :))

for class or tutorial send me a email for more information.


God bless you!!

We speak Espanol (spanish),  English, and sign language





Lyly's Cake Boutique