Hel-of-a-Cake Aylesbury, GB

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Hi, I'm Helen and I'm a Cake-a-holic!!! Although I haven't always been...

In May 2011 my baby (Toby) was turning 1 and I wanted to be able to say I had made his birthday cake! A friend of mine was kind enough to pass on her pearls of wisdom and with my lovely mum assisting me as pot washer & general dogs body I made and decorated 48 cupcakes. I never dreamt I would uncover a new found love at the same time! On the Leap Day in 2012 we had our second child, William and when I returned to my day job of childminding when he was 9 months old I decided I would bite the bullet and I started up my cake business, Hel-of-a-Cake in December 2012.

My cakes are made with fresh, good quality ingredients including free range eggs, homemade jam & homemade vanilla extract. I love creating a cake that puts a big smile on my customers face :) I make cupcakes, giant cupcakes, celebration cakes and tray bakes. Whether you're looking for a delicious cupcake to go with your cuppa or a celebration cake to wow at a big party I can help so get in touch now! X

Aylesbury, United Kingdom