Noramia Cupcakes

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-English version :

Welcome to Noramia Cupcakes!
I’m completely self-thought and have been making Cupcakes and other Moroccan & French pastries for quite a longtime, but I fall in love with the Cupcakes on my first trial in 2008! They were horrible, but that didn’t make me stop or give up my patient for learning techniques that helped me creating the best cupcakes for my Guests, friends, family & hopefully future customers!
As my best satisfaction is the satisfaction and smile on the face of the person
I made the cakes for.
I decided to create my page after being hesitating for such a long time, but this year 2013 has been inspiring & full of great surprises as thanks to my pregnancy that helped me thinking and encouraging me with the supports of my Husband & my Mum who does love baking too, I want to invest my time in something I like and love doing and the most important ones are:
- Taking care and raising my baby boy “Adam”.
- Making and dedicating my time for the cupcakes.
Baking was one of my hobbies, but now will be part of my life , as I’m looking forward to make cakes/ Cupcakes for all occasions, also making my own tutorials , train cupcakes lovers , make my book, sale my exclusive products ,event organizer , and more other projects in the future !
But first! I will invite you to view my first creation of my cakes/cake pops/cupcakes/decoration & more for a very special day and for a very special person who change my life and me to the best:
My son’s Adam welcoming party!!!
So all your question, feedbacks are welcome and hope I will get a support from all of you to realize my dream for me, my family and for all the mummies out there who have to believe in their selves as everything can be done and nothing is impossible you just need to step up and make it happen.

- French Version :
Bienvenue sur ma page de Noramia Cupcakes.
J’ai commence il y a quelques annees a faire des cupcakes, et differentes patisseries, gateaux, inspires de mes connaissances des patisseries marocaines, mais aussi de la patisserie francaise.
Ce sont les cupcakes dont je suis tombee amoureuse en premier, lors de mes premieres tentatives en 2008, et meme après de premieres fournees decourageantes, j’ai persevere sans perdre confiance, et ai continue a apprendre toutes les techniques qui me manquaient, et je continue a apprendre tous les jours.
Nous sommes maintenant en 2013, et, grace a ma grossesse, j ‘ai pris le temps d ‘y reflechir, et j’aie decide de creer ma page Facebook; avec le support de mon mari, et aussi de ma mere qui elle aussi adore faire des gateaux et toutes sortes de patisseries.
Je vais après l ‘arrivee de mon bebe, partager mon temps et energie entre deux choses,: prendre soin et elever mon fils, et creer des cupcakes pour tous les gouts, ages et occasions.
La premiere occasion arrive bientot et sera le bapteme de mon fils, qui me permettra de lancer mon cote creatif et de partager avec vous mes creations.
Ma grande joie sera surtout de lire sur le visage de mes clients, un appaisement et satisfaction totale.

Noramia Cupcakes