Sweet Sugars Cakery Florence, OR, US

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Located in Florence Oregon, Sweet Sugars Cakery is a State Certified and insured residential kitchen serving up tasty treats for Florence and surrounding areas.  We specialize in wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, baby showers, birthdays, cupcakes, and our very own custom chocolate boxes. We also do an assortment of candies such as cookie balls, chocolate covered cherries and pretzels, peanut brittle, and fudge - all of which make great gifts for any time of year. If you don't see what type of goody you are wanting - just ask me! I do custome orders!

Wow...Wow....Wow! Yep, Sweet Sugars Cakery, you get 3 big wows for the latest cake you made for us! You out did them all. Memphis is going to LOVE it! Thank you again, SO much!! 
  ~ Kerri E.

  Thank you for the potty cake, it is awesome! 
  ~ Glenda M.

  Thanks so much!!! Cupcakes were YUMMY!!! That peanut butter frosting is amazing!! 
  ~ Samantha B.

 JACKPOT!!! My birthday cupcakes were incredible! Thank you Toshia! 
 ~ Mike S.

 Your S'mores cupcakes are AMAZING! With the graham cracker crust and toasted marshmallow topping!!! YUMMY!!! And the peanut butter chocolate ones.... EVEN BETTER!!!!
 ~ Theresa K.

Thank you, thank you!! Everyone ranted and raved about your cupcakes. And they were beautiful too. Awesome work!!! 
~ Kristen O.

The cake was wonderful!! It was absolutely GORGEOUS, and tasted yummy too! :) Thank you SO much! It turned out exactly what i'd had in mind... thank you again Toshia, very, very much!
~ Chelsey G.

Sweet Sugars Cakery
Florence, OR