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I’m May Ann Cherie Saldua (in documents), but I prefer to be called by my nickname, AC (from Ann and Cherie). I know right! Needs explanation. [;)]

I am a full time mum to 2 gorgeous girls who inspire me to be creative in all aspects of life – from their cakes, to their rooms, to packed lunches, to parties and even to Christmas tradition that we started at home. I just love putting extra special touches to make their childhood happy, meaningful and different.

So, how did I get into cake decorating? The reason is the usual, “I would love to make my daughter’s cake!” And then came the thought of, “I would like to earn something from this and stay home.” I first touched fondant/sugarpaste to decorate at 2011, was able to make 3 real decorated cakes that year, got pregnant and stopped. When my youngest was born, I tried to get back to cake decorating for her monthly birthdays so I was able to do it but only upto 5 months. Got a few orders, got a part-time job, then stopped caking again. 2013 was the same. Very few orders, 5 to be exact, then stopped. Come 2014, I decided to do cakes again. But caking part-time (weekdays) while also keeping the part-time job (weekends) is just too exhausting. August of 2014, I decided to let go of my weekend job and finally focus on cake decorating. From September, all I can see is CAKE! CAKE! CAKE! [;)]

It was nice though to have worked in almost the same environment as the ones I so enjoy – Cakes! Cafe! Customers! I’m sure I will still enjoy those 3C’s, but this time being my own boss.

That’s basically what’s about me and the business. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. [:)]

Lots of sweetness,


Cheeky MunchCakes
Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom