Dolce Sorpresa Groton MA, USA Groton, MA, US

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My name is Raffaella Tomaselli and I am the owner of Dolce Sorpresa which in Italian means Sweet Surprise, a residential bakery located in down town Groton Ma.

I have always loved baking since I was a little girl. I still remember baking and decorating with my grandmother who taught me the sense/science behind the beautiful and tasteful cakes.

I wanted  to share my love for baking  and since I love crafts and any kind of art I went into another world when I realized I could combine the two passions of my life!  This is how I started my cake journey and I haven't stopped since then. I have self taught myself all that I know today and I am constantly improving and finding ways to challenge my skills. 

On the 22nd of March 2013 I won a Spring Baker Competition on Facebook. I participated  with three mini teacups all made in sugarpaste. I just loved the idea to put the tiny cups on top of cupcakes so I send my picture and after 199 votes I won the competition! It was a fantastic moment and I thank all those that were involved with their support and effort. 

Come and visit my page and better the facebook one which has the most updated pictures. Hope to see some of you on my page!


Yummy Regards,


Dolce Sorpresa Groton MA, USA
Groton Ma