4 Little Piggies Ambleside, AU

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Welcome to 4 Little Piggies!

Hi All!! I just thought I'd introduce myself, my name is Nicki Sharp, a happily married mother of 4 beautiful little children...Max, Ayla, Mylo & Noah. They are the inspiration for 4 Little Piggies.

4 Little Piggies has been in the making for some time as I've always enjoyed baking ever since I was a little girl in the kitchen with my Mum, but it wasn't until my best friend asked me to do her wedding cake earlier last year, that I started to really explore the possibilities of baking as something more serious.

So 4 Little Piggies was born!! I make cupcakes and Cakes for any and every occasion, putting an emphasis on taste, as well as looking beautiful. I hope that one day soon you'll all get to try one of my cupcakes :)

We make a great variety of delicious cupcakes and treats!!!For further information or a quote contact me on 0407 859 693 or email me at nnsharp@bigpond.net.au.

4 Little Piggies
39 Park Drive, Ambleside, Tasmania, Australia