Olivia's Bakery Schiedam, NL

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Olivia's Bakery is specialized in gluten-free and lactose-free baked goods.

gluten free - lactose free - organic



Once upon a time ... few years ago I planned to make a nice cake for my brothers 1st wedding anniversary. but while meditating about favorite flavors of all the family members I realized that there's one little guest who always is fed up with water ice when all others are having some desert with gluten and lactose in it: my brother's little niece. so, in order to make this adorable girl happy I started baking glutenfree. baking, tasting, throwing it away, baking, tasting, throwing it away. at least at the 3rd or 4th trial the batter had a taste even non celiac persons would like. so, step by step my metamorphose from a solid civil engineer to a sensitive glutenfree baker took place. and during this process I found out that my metabolism wasn't that solid I always thought. so, in order to make others happy I realized that I myself have several food intolerances. but that helps me so much to emphatize with my clients. what started as a courageous experiment has now turned to a small business thats goal has always stayed the same: make sensitive clients happy with food, good and tasty for palate as well as for the eyes. ... and they lived glutenfree ever after.


Taste & Quality

When suffering from food-intolerances, just being allowed to eat something shouldn’t be enough to make you happy. Gluten free products also have to be tasty and appealing to the eye! Our love for quality and outstanding taste demands the best and finest ingredients. As a matter of course all our buttercream, royal-icing, batter, etc are handmade and prepared fresh. We NEVER use a mix! Aside from our own pride as a bakery, Olivia knows her mother and mother-in-law would never allow this to happen!

The cakes are made from well proven recipes and combined with delicious layers of self-made buttercream, jam (also as homemade as possible), fruity cream cheese filling or delicious chocolate ganache. No matter if you order a tired cake or simple shortbread cookies, we at Olivia’s Bakery always bake with love and we promise that it tastes as good as its looks!


Tolerance and Intolerance

All our cakes, cupcakes and cookies are gluten - and/or lactose free. Because our kitchen has been wheat-free for a very long time, all our baking, even for clients without allergy, are gluten free. There is no difference in taste. On the other hand, there are eggs, nuts, histamine and fructose hanging around in our kitchen. In case there are special allergies to any of these, just tell us in advance so we can customize to accommodate your personal needs.

When decorating a cake, alcohol is used as a glue. If there‘s a “food-intolerance” with that special ingredient it‘s absolutely no problem to work without. Just let us know!

Olivia's Bakery
Slot Assumburgpad 64, Schiedam, Nederland

Phone+31 626336886