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Hello there! 

I'm an aspiring self-taught cake decorator. I'm also very geeky (though not nearly as geeky as many), which is often shown through my enthusiasm for making cakes which are based on a book, TV show, movie, play, or video game. I'm also still learning. There are many skills which I am not very good at, which I strive to learn and improve with every cake I make. 

If you need a birthday cake for your Star Wars obsessed 6 year old, then I'm definitely a brilliant choice to make that cake come alive. Want a 'crossover' cake, featuring Adventure Time and BBC's Sherlock? Awesome, I'd love to work on something like that! I'd also be more than happy to make a Minecraft-themed wedding cake, so you definitely wouldn't need to worry about getting funny looks from your baker for trying to explain the game to them (and why you want your WEDDING cake to be based on it!). Now that I've mentioned it, I actually REALLY want to make a Minecraft themed wedding cake, it'd be the best cake ever.

However... If you lack nerdy tendancies, fear not. I'm also wonderful at making beautifully elegant, completely nerd-free cakes.

Be sure to check out my Tumblr or my Facebook to see examples of my style and previous works. 

Important note #1: I do not like using non-edible decorations. If you're looking for someone to make you a wedding cake covered in diamante trims and wire butterflies and do not wish to consider fondant equivalents, then I'm afraid I probably won't be able to help you. 

Important note #2: I, currently, have no means of delivering cakes to you. I am aware that for many this is a huge inconvenience, which I apologise for. This means that for the time being, you will have to collect your cake. 

Dietary information

  • As I am intolerant to them, I generally do not work with nuts. None of my cakes will contain them unless you request it, The kitchen is NOT nut free, but all efforts are made to ensure that cakes themselves are completely free of even traces of nuts. 
  • Because of a friend's veganism, I own several vegan cookbooks. Vegan cakes are something I enjoy trying to make. If you know there will be vegan guests at your event, I would would be glad to provide a small number of cupcakes/ a small cake for them along with your main cake order for a small fee.
  • I will do my best to comply with any and all other dietary requirements you may have. Please just mention them in your enquiries. 

Contacting and Enquiring

To enquire, please either email me or send me a message on my facebook page.

I do not currently have a phone number set up for cake enquiries due to personal reasons, but if you would rather discuss cake over the phone, then please contact me in the aforementioned methods and I will give you my personal mobile number and will arrange for you to phone me. 

Manchester M23 1EW, United Kingdom