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Who doesn't love cake?  Me.....I do not like to eat cake but I DO like to see what can be made with this and other mediums.  Sounds strange?  Yeah....I know.  I love to create the UNCREATABLE for the challenge.  We are a Texas Cottage Bakery operating under SB81 since September 2011.  Over the years I have gone from an accountant for major companies to an artist.  I cannot draw to save my life but the first time I picked up gumpaste, I set a goal of making flowers, just to start.  I achieved that goal and moved on to the next.  Structure!  After MANY failures, I was even more determined to master this element.  The cake business is tough...and I mean TOUGH!  Decorators are so very passionate about their work.  After the endless hours of prep, making edible elements, and sleepless nights, we may break even on a few cakes.  For the first year, my hubby baked all of my cakes.  Why?  I HATE to bake too!  His grandmother was a pastry chef so it is in his blood.  My mother was an awesome cook, self taught, but that trait did not pass down to me.  I would much rather be in the garage building cabinets for my craft closet or outside mowing the lawn than in the kitchen any day.  Our work has been sought after by many in far away cities. Until I get tired of creating works of art from sugar, I will be here brainstorming of new ways to WOW my clients.

Create It With Cake
Alvin, TX

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