The Frosted Cake Boutique Toronto, ON, CA

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Hi, my name is Esther Williams and I am the owner of The Frosted Cake Boutique. I come from a line of bakers, starting with my grandma, down to my mom and all her sisters. At a young age I had my sweet tooth satisfied and ever since, must have it satisfied! So I picked up this sweet skill and started baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes. What started out as just a past time hobby morphed into something I never dreamt possible. I am still learning new things every day, and challenged by so many other great bakers. Now with my certificate in Baking Essentials by the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, I am more than ready to whip up a delicious treat for you.

There is something simple, yet completely satisfying, about a sweet treat. Especially when that treat was made just for you! The Frosted Cake Boutique believes no cake or cupcake is created equal. Our delightful delicacies are inspired by your dreams, passions and your unique sweet tooth. Handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients, our cakes and cupcakes are sure to satisfy your sophisticated taste buds. We also offer an array of flavours and creative designs to personalize your special occasion. Unleashing new and creative ideas for each order is what we do best. The Frosted Cake Boutique has exactly what you need to sweeten any special event: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby & bridal showers, communions, graduation, corporate events…and more!

Serving the Greater Toronto Area and beyond!
For more information or to place an order:
Call: 416.305.9499

Sweet Regards,
Esther Williams

The Frosted Cake Boutique
Toronto, ON, Canada