Que's Cakes Smethwick, GB

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Que's Cakes is an home based bakery that specializes in butter-cream cakes. we started out in 2012 doing cakes for family and friends and quickly became a hit number for special occasion cakes. Que's Cakes came alive by MoniQue I am completely self taught and I teach myself everyday to adapt and grow with the cake industry to bring you special designed cakes for the perfect accessory to your special occasion. Que's Cakes specialises in butter - creamed covered cakes and also Jamaican Rum fruit cakes.

​You can also find Que's cakes on facebook were I have a growing community filled with cakey love and I keep active daily with my likers and customers sharing my journey and answering any questions and queries you may have whether its to order a cake or how to make a special one all by your self, I am here to help.

  • www.facebook.com/quescakes
  • Instagram : quescakes


Que's Cakes
Birmingham, Smethwick, United Kingdom