D'licious Cakes and Sweet Creations Clarksville, TN, US

Custom design homemade cakes, cupcakes, treats and desserts for your special occasion or sweet indulgence.

D'licious Cake and Sweet Creations is a home-based cakery. We do almost everything; from simple design cakes, to the most elaborated creations, always trying to make from your idea a d'licious reality. 

Our cakes are home made with quality well-mixed ingredients that made from our cakes an unforgettable experience. Within our creations, we have a variety of flavors to delight our customers. From our classic and people's favorite Vanilla/Almond Cake - with its unique flavor and moist texture that distinguish our latin culture, to the Chocolate Cake, we promise you an unforgettable experience from cake to top!

Cake Flavors:
*Vanilla/Almond (Authentic Puerto Rican Cake) - People's Favorite!
*Marble Cake (Vanilla Chocolate Mix)
*Kalhúa & Chocolate
*Red Velvet
*Chocolate Lovers - Chocolate Cake with Nutella Filling
*Vanilla/Strawberry Swirl
*Rainbow Cake
*Carrot Cake, among others

*Buttercream Icing
*Cream Cheese Icing
*Chocolate Icing
*Homemade Merengue
*Whipped Topping
*Fresh Strawberry Mousse

*Pistachio Mousse

*Peanut Butter Frosting, among others
*Home-made marshmallow fondant
*Home-made chocolate marshmallow fondant

*Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl
*Rocky Road... yummy!
*Red Velvet
*Strawberry/Vanilla Swirl
*Strawberries & Cream
*Neapolitan (Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry mix)
*Strawberries n' Chocolate
*Guava/Cheese - People's Favorite!
*Rainbow, among others

*Buttercream Icing
*Cream Cheese Icing
*Vanilla Mousse
*Fresh Strawberry Mousse
*Pistachio Mousse
*Chocolate Mousse

Desserts & Sweet Creations:
*Tres Leches Cake - Original
*Tres Leches Coquito Cake (Coquito is the Puertorican version of Egg Nog)
*Carrot Cake
*Cinnamon Swirl Cake
*Chocolate Lovers Cake
*Coconut Macaroons
*Matecaditos - Puerto Rican Shortbread Cookies

A a lot of more Creations!

Prices: Cakes and special designs will be quoted per serving, depending on design, flavor and topping. Our prices are as accessible as our d'licious creations, without changing the flavor, freshness, product quality and beauty on our details. Feel free to ask for a quote for your custom design or for your sweet indulgence!

We look forward, not to be your guest, but to serve your next guests.

D'licious Cakes and Sweet Creations
Clarksville, TN