Cakes ROCK!!! Chapin, SC, US

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Unique cake creatons from a rock 'n' roll cake diva.  Cakes do ROCK, & everybody loves cake, so my philosophy is "Let's have some fun!"  Let's work together to create a rocking cake that's uniquely YOU, in style, color, taste, design, & presentation. 


If it doesn't taste AMAZING, what's the point?  It's CAKE, right?  It's supposed to be a singular, spectacular treat for ALL the senses, & most of all the taste buds.  Yes, it's art, but it's perishable art---meant to be cut up, consumed & destroyed like a rocker's guitar.  


My background as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, & physique competitor may seem to make for a very odd combination with cake decorating, but it actually fits perfectly!  Cake is for a SPECIAL occasion, not every day, & even the 'healthiest' fittest person on earth indulges in treats at the appropriate time. Part of being healthy is having BALANCE in your life, & that includes enjoying the scrumptious foods that make our celebrations so memorable. I am, however, very concerned about health & not bombarding the body with chemicals, so every one of my cakes is made from scratch, using organic ingredients whenever possible, & always using the farm fresh eggs that my mom's chickens faithfully lay for me.  There are only real ingredients in any of my cakes---not like the grocery store cakes whose ingredient list reads like a science experiment, if you can even pronounce them.  Is cake 'healthy'?  NO!  Of course not---it's meant to be a rare treat, but it certainly doesn't have to be a toxic waste dump!


My name is Christy Duffell Seguin.  Call or text me at 803-580-7057, email me at, or facebook me at Cakes ROCK!!!  I'm in Chapin, SC, just outside of Columbia, SC on beautiful Lake Murray.  I will deliver & set up your cake within 3 hours of my home for a delivery fee---so that includes western North Carolina, Georgia, & the NE part of Florida.  

Cakes ROCK!!!
101 Lazy Creek Pointe, Chapin, SC