Geelicious Confections, LLC. Frisco, TX, US

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Geelicious Confections specializes in one of a kind, made to order cakes, cupcakes and yummy stuff for all occasions.

As a North Texan baker, our passion for baking cakes and other confections for family and friends became a determination of artistic endeavor to challenge ourselves in creating cakes as fun and elaborate as it is delicious.  We are a custom baker that can provide you with the attention to detail and custom work that many larger bakeries  cannot provide, and we can do it at a reasonable price. 

Designs can range from the traditional to multi-dimensional (3-D) designs. It is our goal to give you versatility and creativity when choosing a cake for your special occasion. 

Difficulty of design, cake size and delivery location all factor into how many cakes we will book. Quality is our priority, therefore we limit ourselves to what we can do well.
Standard orders must be placed at a minimum of 2 weeks before your event date or scheduled delivery.

Last minute cakes MAY be considered; however it's dependent on availability.  Please contact us directly for availability.

Geelicious Confections, LLC.
Frisco, TX 75035