BW Sweets Bakery Cornelius, NC, US

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When the housing bubble burst a few years back, former realtor and Charlotte native Frankie White found himself in a tough position. He could either keep trying to sell something that, for the most part, people had stopped buying, or he could go back to the retail management industry he'd left years earlier. Instead, White took a totally different approach. In 2008, he opened B.W. Sweets Bakery (, and he hasn't looked back. His bakery is a veritable cornucopia of desserts that range from custom cakes, pastries, cupcakes, fall-spirited pumpkin pies to alcohol-infused "Grown & Sexy" cupcakes. For a break away from the traditional, he takes custom cake orders that give customers the chance to choose flavors and design shapes — be it a car, a shoe or even a hamburger and fries. Yet, as personalized as the experience can be, one thing remains standard: every dish will be homemade, and every bite will be sweet. 

Gimme Some SugarI feel nice! Like sugar and spice!
James Brown said it best, but we swear he was talking about the treats at B.W. Sweets Bakery. Locally owned and operated, B.W.'s got everything from wedding cakes and cupcakes to pound cakes and classic bakery treats. With out-of-this-world flavor combos and sky-high confections, this Sweet boutique will never disappoint.
Sometime, anytime, sugar me Sweet.

Must Trys:Strawberry Heaven Cake
Vanilla cake and layers of cream cheese frosting and strawberry sauce encompassed in a graham crumb layer and a layer of strawberry swirled frosting in the middle. Topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce.

Grown & Sexy Cupcakes
These alcohol infused cupcakes are strictly for adults 21 and older, and ID is required for purchase! Each cupcake contains two ounces of top shelf alcohol. Bottoms up!

BW Sweets Bakery
21311 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, NC