Bety'Sugarland - Cake design by Elisabete Caseiro PT

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My name is Elisabete Caseiro and I have a cake design studio in Lisboa, Portugal. It's name is Bety'Sugarland - Cake design by Elisabete Caseiro.

I allways made all the decoration for my kids birthday parties in order to make them very special. And that was how I started decorating cakes and other sweets like cupcakes, cookies, gelatines, and so on. I love making themed tables of sweets. 

I began as a self taught decorator but 3 years ago I decided that this was what I wanted to do for a living and since that I've made several courses with some famous cake designers from around the world allways trying to learn more different technics so that I can provive my client a top service.

I offer a personalized service, by appointment. 

Also organize workshops.




Bety'Sugarland - Cake design by Elisabete Caseiro
Passeio dos Fenícios, Lisboa, Portugal

Phone+351 914509431